Day 3

Today was a good day…lots of fun, lots of visitors. Ezra continues his good relations with new people, but has had a rougher go of it today than previously…he was circumcised today. It was a decision that we have spent the last year+ trying to make, looking at ever single angle that we could, yet still hadn’t come to any conclusions until we defaulted to doing it this morning. Since then, he has been a little fussier which hopefully will resolve itself with some help from Tylenol. We would be more than happy to share more with you when we see you, but needless to say further: the desicion was extremely difficult. Oh well, time to move on.

The pediatrician heard a heart murmmer this morning on Ezra’s daily check, marking the third day in a row that they heard something. This is extremely common but should go away around now, so she ordered a ultrasound of his heart. Turns out that nothing is out of the ordinary and there is no need for anymore concern. Relief.

I spent some time away from the hospital today showing the family the fire station. I met Kari, Matthew, Nora, Kjerstin, Jamie, Johnathan, and Isaac at my firehouse for a tour and some play time. By play time, they got to ride in the fire truck, try on my gear, and get hooked up to the heart monitor. There were lots of pictures taken, but none by me…so once I get them, I will make sure to post them here. It was super cute.

For now, we are easing into our last night at the hospital before everything gets crazy at home. Ahna is having a remarkable recovery (at least in my mind)…so much so that she isn’t even going to get a doctor’s visit tomorrow. We should be heading home around lunch time, but don’t count on any posts tomorrow as we settle into a new routine. If I have time… For now, here are a couple pictures from today, including a 4 generation picture!


  1. Roni Briese says:

    We wish you a smooth transition to home life with Ezra. We are just around the corner when you need help. Love Mom and Dad, Savta and Saba.

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