The Number 4

Four Hours Ago: It would have been 5 in the morning Denver time, and I was up with Ezra. He was having some difficulty going to sleep after feeding, so he and I went downstairs and watched some TV. He had fallen asleep 15 or so minutes before 5. 

Four Days Ago: We were enjoying our second day home from the hospital, and celebrating Ahna’s 30th birthday with a brunch at my folk’s house. Dave and Mary Jo were stuck in Minneapolis and trying to get here for the evening – which they did. 

Four Weeks Ago: Two weeks before the due date and sitting with high anticipation of what was to come. That week, I worked a trade shift and we went to our weekly doctor’s appointment for Ezra. We also went to see the Flight of the Conchords in Denver and enjoyed a great and fun night out with friends. 

Four Months Ago: It was Valentine’s Day week and we were happy to be in the middle of winter. I went skiing twice that week, as I continued to learn the telemark style. The baby was still growing it’s skeleton and the bones were beginning to harden. The baby had just developed sleep/awake patterns and was beginning to hear my voice. 

Four Years Ago: Ah, the actual purpose of this post. Ahna and I got married. It was an amazing June day in Colorado, and we had a beautiful ceremony surrounded by our friends and family. It seems like a long trip since then, but it sure has passed quickly. So much has happened, with the best gift just 8 days ago. Wow, four years. 🙂 Thank you to all of our close friends and family who have helped us get to this point with rings on our fingers and bells on our shoes.


  1. Gina Razidlo says:

    Happy Anniversary!! You have so many reasons to celebrate!
    Love, Gina

  2. Horray – hooray!! I am so glad I have known you longer than four years because I think it is so exciting to have seen so many great things come your way! Actually, I met Ahna four houses ago.

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