14 Days And Counting

Well, it’s actually 15 days from today, but this post was due last night so we will pretend. Yesterday turned out to be a lot busier than I originally thought since we had a doctor’s appointment in the late morning, then some chores to do (long overdue cleaning of the garage), then a ceremony to go to last night (that I had forgotten about until I checked my calendar). All of that means that I didn’t get some of the good two-week pictures that I promised in the last post, so I will work on those today. 

We headed back to Parker Hospital – where our OB’s office is located – for a follow up visit for Ahna. They were running a little behind, so we ended up sitting in the room for nearly a hour for a simple 5 minute deal. Everything checked out great, and Ahna was subsequently given permission to return to driving and to lift Ezra and the car seat, but still no lifting anything heavier than him or anything above her head for 4 more weeks. There is a pretty good sense of freedom radiating from her now that she doesn’t have to rely on anyone else to do anything.

Last night we headed to a badge ceremony at the fire department. There were two promotions and one reclassification (where I fit in) that were given new badges in the ceremony. Since October of 2001 when the department created an Engineer assignment (and when I was promoted to that spot); they had classified it as a stipend position…basically meaning that I was a Firefighter that was assigned to drive, not promoted. After a lot of work during my time on the union E-Board then continued work by all of the assigned drivers, we finally got the Engineer spot turned into an official promoted position within the town. Our own pay grade, our own leadership and responsibility driven job description, and our own new badge. It’s about time. It was great that all of this family turned out to be in town so they could come along and be there for the events. 

I was able to snap a couple of pictures between paragraphs as we changed and bathed him…so hopefully those will suffice for now. As I was adding the pictures, Tim Tonge (our department photographer who’s main job is weather forecasting) sent along a few pictures of me from last night, so I included them as well (the group taking the swearing-in, and the front shot of the Chief shaking my hand). Thanks Tim!

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