Heeeeeeeere’s Ezra!

That title of the post is supposed to sound like the intro to the old Tonight Show intro with Johnny Carson…so go back and re-read it to yourself channeling the best Ed McMahon that you can (whose house is available if you want it). Nothing genius, clever, or transcendent today – since I know that is exactly the writing style that you have gotten used to – just the two week pictures that I promised a couple of days ago. By the way, the blanket that you see pictured was made by Mary Jo over the last couple of months for Ezra. 


  1. I miss the geniues, clever, transcendent version…but I am pleased as punch to see such fine photography on your page – and such a handsome model you have, too. Thanks for letting us come down and play. It really made my day!

    So the whole conversation about the questions people ask – “are you tired?” “sleeping through the night yet?” stuff – came up last night at Sancho’s (yep, I drank one for you). Shawn thought some woman knew me because she was getting personally involved in why I was on crutches and making the driver pay for what he did. Funny how people will talk to you if you are walking a dog, carrying a baby, or maneuvering on crutches – as if these extensions of ourselves make us more easy to talk with. anyhoo – to much thinking this early. loveyoumeanit

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