Where The Kisses Are His and Hers and His

On Saturday afternoon we took Ahna’s parents to the airport for their journey back to Wisconsin. Even during the car ride home, but especially when we returned to the house, there was a very lonely feeling in the air. It’s true that Three’s Company, but three seems like only two when one can’t do anything. 🙂

It was the only time (other than the first night at home) when we were alone…we have had family in town, and Dave and Mary Jo staying with us since then. True, my family is still here – and they better be since they live here – but there was a very tangible difference between Saturday night and the previous 16 days. We are still adjusting to not having extra help always waiting by, but we are slowly starting to figure things out…and we will be calling on my folks more and more for help. We very much miss all of the family that came here to celebrate Ezra and to help us, and can’t wait to see most of you in just a few weeks!

Yesterday was spent recovering from the previous night, in which Ezra didn’t give either of us much sleep at all. It was perhaps the toughest night to date, so several naps were in order. He continues to fight going to sleep after feeding – at one point yesterday, staying awake for the entire three hours between nursings! That did lead to some better sleep last night, for which we are thankful. Here are a couple of pictures taken sometime in the 11pm hour last night…he loves to have his hands out.


  1. road2emmaus says:

    We had a great time sharing the last two weeks with the three of you. We know that lonely feeling too. Thanks for the opportunity to get to know Ezra “up close and personal.” We’re looking forward to seeing you all again soon. –Grandpa and Grandma Bersagel

  2. I cried all the way home when my mom left after dropping her off at the airport. I know exactly what you mean about the lonely feeling. I remember the late nights, Ian would fight to stay awake, like he was going to miss something EXTREMELY important. 🙂 It gets better as far as sleep but it’s amazing I found that as tired as I was…it was well worth it to see Ian smile back at me.

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