Product Review: Luna Lullaby Soothing Blanket

So there are no new pictures of Ezra. No new pictures of deer, oh wait. Nothing much to report from yesterday (it was fairly relaxed, did include a visit from our Hypnobirthing coach Nancy, and did include a good night’s sleep)…so in lieu of making up something just for the sake of a new post, I will make up something just for the sake of a new post. And because we really like these blankets. 

When Abby, Teva, and Micah gave us a package of three blankets for our baby shower – exclaiming that these are the best things ever – we were excited, but a little confused as to how blankets could somehow top ice cream as the best thing ever. Fast forward several months and I am here to tell you that these blankets have made their way up the ‘best thing ever’ rankings to just behind ice cream (don’t know if anything will ever eclipse a good cookies-n-cream double scoop). They are technically soothing blankets designed for swaddling, but we use them for nearly everything: car seat cover for walks, an emergency spit-up wiper, a swaddler, and a blanket. If you are telling yourself “that doesn’t sound like everything,” you have forgotten what it is like to live with a newborn. 

Back to the review: these make a great gift, especially for a summertime blanket/cover. You can order many different styles on-line and shipping actually doesn’t take all that long when it comes via ground. Simple enough. Here’s the link: Luna Lullaby Soothing Blankets


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