Now, we aren’t gamblers (full disclosure: I have gone twice and actually had some fun) but we feel like we hit blackjack at the Vegas tables on a $100K bet….Ezra turned 21 days old this morning at 3:13 and we celebrated the exact time with some snoring. The last three weeks have gone by at lightspeed and at a snail’s pace, all at the same time. 

Yesterday was a little tougher for us since it appears that Ezra might be hitting a growth spurt: wanting to be fed every 1-2 hours and awake a lot. All of that awakeness led to a decent night for us, with two separate 3-4 hour stretches of sleep. The teacher that is going to be the long-term sub for Ahna this fall stopped by for a meeting of the minds and I think it was a little weird for Ahna to even think about school at this point; but it was good for the two of them to get on the same page. Later in the evening, we started out on a walk to help Ezra fall asleep and ended up driving for ice cream for us (remember the list from the other day?)….a good thunderstorm with lots of lightning cut our walk short. 

This morning we headed out to the library and Ahna and Ezra attended a La Leche League meeting while I read up on some photography. We were also treated to a wonderful lunch by my grandparents, who I think are going to leave in a couple of days. As I write this, we are watching the Euro 2008 semifinal between Russia and Spain (Spain leads 1-0 in the 64th minute) and planning on another errand this evening. The Social Security Administration treated Ezra to a 3-week gift by sending him is very first piece of mail!…his social security card. It is still strange to see his name in print or to write it down on a form. Here is a little picture dump at three weeks.

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