That Rox!

Somehow the word “that” made it into consecutive blog entry titles. Hopefully it won’t happen three days in a row. We went to the Colorado Rockies game last night (against the San Diego Padres) to celebrate Tanner Dunn’s birthday – each of the last three years we have teamed up with Jay and Karen to take Tanner to a ballgame as his birthday gift. Also there with us were the Capocelli’s, Cyrilla, and the Allen’s. We got to the stadium right at 7pm, just as planned, to allow for Ezra to nurse while we where in the car…he decided to make it a 30 minute session, so we listened to the game on the radio and made it in during the second inning.

The game was fun and frustrating at the same time…the Rockies stormed to a 8-3 lead at the end of the fifth inning, which was fun…then gave up 5 runs in the sixth, which was frustrating. Right around the time that the Rockies laid a crapper, so did Ezra. He was in a sling (Hotsling that we used for the first time last night, and liked it. Perhaps a review coming in a few weeks) and it leaked out his diaper, through his shorts, onto his onesie, onto his shoes, and through the sling. Oh boy. We headed to a family restroom (if you have any influence over the temperature in a family restroom, please make sure it’s somewhere below 90) and changed everything. At that point we had been there for two hours and it was getting to be time to go…so we took the opportunity to leave while we were already out of our seats.

On the way home, we listened to the last two innings..and based on the final result, we are glad that we left when we did: the Padres scored 7 runs in the top of the ninth to win 15-8. And the other final result? Ezra nursed within 5 minutes of walking in the house. Here are some pictures taken using our camera-phones:

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