Movie Review: The Business Of Being Born

It is a little tricky to try to write a review of this movie…it’s such a sensitive subject for so many people…so I am going to do a little cop-out. Let me start by saying that it is something that everyone needs to watch, especially those close to either thinking about having a baby (first, second, third…doesn’t matter), or those on their way already.  It talks a lot about the difference between hospital birth and midwife assisted birth; and whether or not you agree with either side, it is worth your time for the educational aspect. Birthing isn’t something that we should go into without knowing our rights and without being educated….and let’s just say that the western medical system isn’t always up front with you. It did inspire some conversation in our house, especially with Ezra’s birth so fresh in our minds. Hopefully it will inspire some conversation for you as well, which is all that the movie aims to accomplish.

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