Scenes From An Italian Restaraunt

Cyrilla and Tanner brought us dinner last night: spinach and mozzarella ravioli with a red sauce, cucumber and tomato salad, garlic french bread, and a Cyrilla specialty: peanut butter pie. They came and hung out for a little while before baseball practice, with Tanner trying to trip me using a jump rope. We chowed on the dinner, then took a walk to Ahna’s yoga studio. She started attending Prenatal Yoga about halfway through her pregnancy and went all of the way up to the session before we went to the hospital. She found it very relaxing and invigorating, and made some great friends at the studio…so we had to bring them a picture of Ezra for the photo board (which was actually the excuse just to stop by and say hi). Ahna is looking forward to returning to yoga at the beginning of August when they start a Postnatal Mom and Baby session. 

Here are some pictures of Tanner and Ezra, as well as pictures that Karen sent from her camera at the Rockies game. 

[As I finish this post, Ezra is sitting in his swing talking out loud (or at least his version of talking). It’s something new that started in the past day or two and has been interesting to see]


  1. Ahna – you’re glowing in the picture at the baseball game! Beautiful!

    I hope to see you guys Saturday morning with some tomato plants for your garden. Call if you wish. tori

  2. ezra talking already huh..maybe we are related after all…enjoy..they don’t stop later

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