Hold Your Head Up High

Special Wisconsin Edition

Friday continued the relaxing trip that Thursday brought to us. We did a little lounging, a little working out (Ahna completed her first Crossfit workout), a little errand or two, and a little meeting. Mostly we just enjoyed being in the company of family. Side note: the West Salem Panthers (high school) team won their region yesterday and are on the way to the state tournament. The high school field is immediately behind the house here, so there was much excitement and cheering in the neighborhood. Go Panthers!

Ezra and I were lounging on the recliner yesterday when we leaned back for some tummy-time. For the first time, he was happy in that spot and was able to lift his head up and look around for some time. Normally, he gets a little fussy after just a couple of seconds, but yesterday was different and he was able to look around for a while. Perhaps he was distracted by Aunt Kari, perhaps he was feeling good with all of the extra oxygen at this altitude, or perhaps he has been taking inspiration from the Tour de France and doping….either way, it was pretty neat. 

So on to the reason that we are here in Wisconsin…two fold, 1) it’s Bestemor’s 96th birthday on Sunday (for those that don’t know Norwegian, Bestemor means Grandmother). 2) Ezra is getting baptized tonight.  We chose to have the baptism done here in West Salem for a couple of reasons including Ahna’s connection to the church and community, but also so that Ezra’s grandfather can perform the ceremony. He has graciously chosen to take a one-day sabbatical from his sabbatical and return to the pulpit for the service.  Today is a special day for all of us and one that we are very excited about.

Kjerstin, Jamie, Johnathan, and Isaac have made it into town (they are camping for the first time) and just came to the house a little while ago. Other family and friends will be making the trip down to West Salem from Minnesota for the afternoon and evening. I know that there will be lots of pictures and stories to tell and share, so we look forward to doing that with you tomorrow. 

Ed. Note: this might raise some questions for you about Ezra’s religion. We thought so, and have created a page that explains it further. Please look at the top of the web site, and look for the page aptly titled: Religion

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