It’s Such A Perfect Day

Special Wisconsin Edition

The title says it all. We spent the day with family and celebrating Ezra’s baptism day. Uncle Dave and Aunt Betty drove down from Minneapolis in the morning to spend some time with us, Kjerstin, Jamie and the boys showed up after enjoying a nature hike and a good night out in the tent, and comforting, delicious food followed us throughout the lunch and dinner time periods.

The service itself was something that is even difficult to describe. As mentioned earlier, Dave took a little hiatus from his sabbatical to come back and lead the worship, which was an amazing gift on it’s own. It seemed as though all of the prayers, psalms, readings and the gospel were specifically chosen for Ezra. The sermon was something for which we could never be thankful enough. Dave titled it “A Letter To Ezra,” and wrote to him on his baptism day…I won’t do it any disservice by trying to summarize it here, rather I will wait until we get a copy of it and will post it in it’s entirety then.

There were lots of family and friends in attendance, including Gina, Dave and Zach who made the trip down from Rochester in the afternoon. After the service we all enjoyed cake and coffee at the church with the other people in attendance, then returned to the house for a little more food and conversation. 

I am sure that there is something that I am forgetting to write about, but I can’t seem to wrap my head around it, so I will just finish with a picture dump from the day. By the way, that’s Johnathan with the missing from teeth, and no, Ezra didn’t do it. Enjoy!

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