Ace Of Base, We Are Not

You won’t believe what we forgot at the airport. Yea, seriously. More on that later.

It was a long and busy day yesterday, starting in Northwood, Iowa, going through Minneapolis and Denver, and ending back at home in Castle Rock last night. Ezra continued the pattern of putting a good stretch of sleep together at the beginning of the night (example: 9pm – 3am) even though we spent our first night in a hotel together. After we awoke, we met up with Nora down at the swimming pool for a little splash fun then headed over to Bestemor’s house to hang with them for a hour or two.

Just before lunch, we took off to go to the airport in Minneapolis. Kari, Matthew, and Nora drove us up there since they were visiting some friends in the cities and would be flying out of there the next day. We enjoyed the 2 hour drive, and made it to the airport right at the 3-hour-till-flight mark. We checked in, got our seats, and decided to check the car seat base right there instead of carrying it around the airport. Onto security…this time with all three of us. According to Ahna, things went a lot better and significantly easier with two adults instead of one (seriously, how do single parents do it?). As we headed off into the mall area of the main terminal, we heard Ahna’s name broadcast overhead (yes, it was nearly indecipherable) and requesting that she return to the security checkpoint for her ‘lost item.’ Turns out the lost item was nothing more important than her driver’s license….seems as though we are all getting a little forgetful these days. 

The plane trip was nothing to report on: got bumpy at times, Ezra did great and flew without complaint, Ahna seemed more comfortable in the window seat instead of the middle, and we both enjoyed some ‘free’ soda. We arrived back to DIA, headed for our bags – which were already on the carousel – and took off on the bus to the parking lot. And that’s when we realized it….we forgot the base for the carseat…again. This time the stress was a lot less and we had a quick plan formulated: get to the car, strap in the seat using the temporary placement, and drive back to the terminal. Once there, I got out and quickly found the base (which was over in the oversized baggage area for some reason and not with the rest of the luggage). We met back up and installed the base and off we went. 

Overall, it was pretty simple and relatively straight forward. We know that we will have much opportunity to perfect our travel before the end of the year, so hopefully the posts and stories about the travel will become less entertaining.

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