2 Moons and 1 Day

Yesterday Ezra turned 8 weeks old….I casually referred to him as 2 months old, and was promptly reminded by Ahna that 4 weeks doesn’t equal 1 month (I think we talked about this here before). We did come to the conclusion that 4 weeks does equal 1 lunar cycle, so from now on (or until I forget to do it), we will follow Native American culture and refer to ever 4-week time period as a ‘moon.’ It’s still a couple of days until he officially turns two months…

This has been a particularly tiring and interesting week. I was back at work on Tuesday and Thursday and Ahna has been busy in her doublewide trailer classroom setting up for the year each day this week – as a matter of fact, she is there today as well. She doesn’t go back until November, but she insists on not dumping all of the setup to the long-term sub – therefore, she is there a lot this week. 

The Denver area set a really dubious mark yesterday….the longest streak of consecutive days over 90 degrees in more than 130 years – I think it’s around 19 days. Thankfully we get a break and today’s high won’t be in the 90’s….it will be 102. So will tomorrow. They say that the streak might break by middle of next week, maybe….but the combination of no rain and hot temps has created a tough summer. Speaking of tough summers, anyone a Rockies fan out there?

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