Walking With Art

More records broken yesterday: 20 consecutive days over 90 degrees, and we were one degree shy of the all-time hottest-ever recorded temperature in Denver – we reached 104 (officially; but keep in mind that the official temperature is recorded in the shade and at the airport – 20 miles from downtown).

As mentioned in the last post, Ahna spent the better part of the day at work, and I spent the better part of the day being relatively unproductive (ie: fooling around with photos). I did meet up with Ahna and Ezra for lunch, then took Ezra home with me so Ahna could have a few hours of uninterrupted work with Judy. 

In the evening two events dotted the calendar, and while we wished that we could have been able to attend both, we had already committed to going north. So, we headed up to Denver and met up with a slew of friends (Johnson, Mary, Tom, Tori, and Jennifer…then Hutch and Rich) for dinner and First Friday Art Walk. First Friday occurs every month on Santa Fe in downtown Denver (the art district); where all of the galleries open their doors and people meander in and out and all up and down the street. Ahna has been a couple of times before, but it was Ezra and my first time. Let me tell you: there were a ton of people – thousands. It’s a really fun time and a great way to get some free art exposure. As with anything, there were some good, some bad, and some favorites.

Before the walk started, we had dinner at the Tequila Company on the NW corner of Santa Fe and 10th. The food was alright (don’t trust your waiter when he says that the red chili isn’t spicy) and the service was equally alright (the servers kept mixing up where everyone’s order went). There was one really significant disappointment: no changing tables in either restroom. I suppose that they thought that the sheikness of the toilet would be ruined if they put a plastic drop-down table on the wall, but their lack of baby-friendliness (we aren’t expecting a lot of a place like that, but a changing table would be nice) will force us to not return. Ah, how our view of the world has changed.

When we got downtown at 5:30, the temperature in the car read 106. When we left at 9:00, the temperature in the car read 99. It was warm. They say that the temperature was supposed to drop to 68 last night (a near 40 degree difference), but when we woke this morning at 6:30, it was already back to 73. Today is supposed to break the triple-digit barrier again. 

One more thing before the pictures: just before I started writing the post, Ezra had a blow out of large proportions. Something like we had never seen before. All up his back, through his clothes, and all over……wait for it……Ahna! She was the lucky one this time! I got the task of cleaning him up while Ahna cleaned herself up, and I think that we went through several changing pads and half a box of wipes. Hmmm, poop.


  1. Cool Ezra in shades is my new desktop picture at work…my productivity just went down the toilet!

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