Announcing The Announcement

I feel like a broken record: it’s still hot. We reached deep into the history books again yesterday and hit the 104 degree mark. The news says that Tuesday might provide us some relief, so keep your fingers crossed. 

In the middle of that 104 degree day, we headed back into Denver (this time to the Stapleton area) for a picnic hosted by St. Paul’s. It was for families with young children that belong to the church to meet each other and for the kids to play. While Ezra didn’t get out and hit the playground, Ahna and I did enjoy meeting some other folks and look forward to seeing them at church sometime soon. 

We finally finished the creation of the baby announcement (I did it on the computer) and had it printed off yesterday. We are hoping to get them mailed off early this week so you should have them starting at the end of the week. We think it turned out pretty good; but to keep the exact look a surprise, here is a preview:


  1. Love your color scheme!! Glad you guys came out Friday night. I miss seeing you regularly!! tori

  2. Erin & Lotson Oxford says:

    oh my goodness – how are you guys – im writing you hear in hopes that you see this and know that I am alive. anyways life has been crazy out here. long story short – wedding, birthdays, family emergencies (not immediate but it immediately affected us) anywho we are here and alive and happy to not be living in the 100+ degree heat! Love to you both – I’ll reach out soon to you guys
    love e

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