Two Moon Old’s Fashion Emergency

The other day Ezra was at a fashion crossroads. He was between sizes and we hadn’t realized it before it was too late….I mean, we were not prepared for the transition to the 3-6 mos. size of clothing. We had a bunch of clothes that we have received as gifts hanging in the closet, but none of them were washed, de-tagged, and ready to go. True, some of his clothes marked ‘NB’ or ‘0-3’ still fit just fine, but the vast majority of his attire is quickly becoming too small. So we washed the new stuff, and he started wearing it yesterday. Tomorrow marks his two month birthday, but apparently clothing manufacturers forgot to converse with us before determining the sizing charts. I just figured they would call once they saw that Ezra was born…

We met up with my parents yesterday morning down at their house, caught up on stuff over the course of a couple of hours. The middle of the day presented some down time for us, but in the evening we headed over to the Horn’s house for their annual BBQ. I think that there were somewhere in the neighborhood of 318 kids and an equal number of adults. It was a lot of fun to hang out with everyone and to indulge in a beer or three. 

While there, one of the kiddos brought her father a book to read: Goodnight Moon. Since it appears that this book is actually the membership card of parenthood, everyone that has a young kid (us included) started reciting lines from the story. It was one of those moments that at this same party five years ago would have never happened. It’s kind of weird to think of how much has changed in just a couple of years for everyone…and just two months for us. 

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