Is My Memory Going Bad? (Updated 9-6-08)

I know that it has been a couple of days since a posting, but I have been at work and very busy there….then I didn’t think that there was too much relevant to write….silly me. For some reason when I decided that in my head, I forgot all about the following things (I think it was because my brain was numb and we were all running scared of eminent terrorist attack after watching the GOP Convention. On that note, I feel like in order to form a good opinion and have good conversation with people, we should be watching the speeches there as well. I can tell you that after last night, my suspicion was confirmed that it was only going to make me more mad and more convinced that Obama is the right direction – Pailn’s mocking of the environment problem, extreme sarcasm, and divisiveness were all rather disturbing.):

Doctor’s Appointment: Well, nurse’s appointment. There isn’t a three month check-up but we needed to get some shots. We are following Dr. Sears’ recommended schedule, so this month was a Pc and HIB shot. Unlike the first shot that he got – which he largely ignored – he did feel the pain this time and reacted with an appropriate cry. However, after a minute or two he started to settle down and soon thereafter forgot all about the needle incident (it was close to time for him to feed, so that helped with his recovery greatly). While at the office we took an unofficial weight: 15 pounds 8 oz (apparently my memory is going bad, his weight was 14 pounds 8 ozs. Yup, he is growing. 

Sleeping In The Night: This is going to be a short take, so as not to jinx the good trend of recent (which is why it hasn’t been mentioned until now). For the past 2-3 weeks Ezra has been sleeping through the night (mostly: there has been the occasional, yet rare, night where he will wake up). Generally speaking he goes to bed around 8-9pm and sleeps until 630-7am. Each night around 330-4, he gets really restless – but doesn’t wake up – as he tries to pass gas. It doesn’t matter what Ahna eats or doesn’t eat, it’s pretty much a garuntee. Our theory is that during the day he has figured out how to work it through his system, but he hasn’t been able to do that during the night yet.

Rolling Over: No, not all of the way – yet. Seems like this is the new thing to try to do when laying on his back…lifting his legs and rolling to one direction or the other (favors the left) onto his side then back to his back. A couple of times he has been really close to rolling over to his stomach, but he hasn’t been quite able to pass the tipping point. As suspected (after reading the next paragraph), he has been enjoying his play area more and more since the toys have all of a sudden become interactive.  

Grabbing Things: This started on the trip down to the sand dunes when we where holding a soft square above his head while he was sitting in the car seat. We have been noticing that he has been reaching and grabbing for things that are in close proximity to him (hands, hair, etc) and so he started with the square as well. After a little while, he figured that he could use both hands and for brief moments (like 3 seconds), he was able to grab onto the square and hold it. We have been placing things in his hands pretty often and he seems to be enjoying holding, moving, and tasting these things. It’s been fun and remarkable to watch him learn about his hands and how to use them. 

Family Dinner: We hosted family dinner on Tuesday night, sort of. Really it was dinner with Jennifer due to the fact that everyone else had a mostly legit reason for not being able to make it. It really was a nice deviation from the normal family dinners since we were able to spend some good quality time and conversation with Jennifer. 

Hafner: Just got word this morning that she passed her nursing certification exam earlier this week! It’s a end of a long journey and the start of a great career. We all know (from experience) that she is going to be a great nurse and caretaker; and people will be lucky to have her treating them.

Societal Reactions: One more political note for the day…I sat at Obama’s speech and watched as he said that he was going to defend our nation and go after people that cause us harm – and the people cheered. I watched last night (and presumably it will occur more tonight) as Palin said that we should drill, drill, and drill more in Alaska and the Gulf – and the people cheered. It’s strange to watch what people will cheer for in a political environment that they would never cheer for otherwise: Hooray for killing people! Hooray for destroying the environment! 

So as not to end the post with a downer sentence, I promise pictures soon…..


  1. It’s about time the blog about your son was about your son “/ Thanks for the baby updates. I missed you on Tuesday night, and looks like I will miss you again. I thought of you as we drove past the sand dunes on Tuesday evening. I am glad you had fun. tori

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