It’s Been Three Months

Three months ago Ezra was born..that means that he is passing the oldest items in our refrigerator. It’s hard to believe that it was only three months ago. It’s also hard to believe that it has already been three months. Kinda strange how time starts to warp with the addition of either kids or drinks. 

Ezra took a little time to get over the shots from the other day, probably all of the way until this morning sometime. He was fussy and very needy for the few days after the doctor’s visit but seems to have returned to his normal fun-loving self today. 

Rollover Update: Not long after I wrote that he was rolling from his side, he started rolling from his stomach to his back. Still not from the back to his belly, but constantly the other way. He is still learning how to spend time on his stomach, so it may be a little while before he wants to go all of the way over. 

Oh, I almost forgot: it’s cool in Colorado today…feels like snow – if it were a month from now, it would be snowing. Loveland Ski Area put up their “Countdown to Snowmaking” on their web site (18 days); and we are only 5-6 weeks from the average start of the season….!!!!!

My Mom brought over a hat that was from when my brother and I were young, so Ezra is rockin’ the 70’s with the stylish new top. There’s the cute picture, the good picture, the ‘I wanna be like Samuel Jackson’ picture, and the picture after too much partying…you decide which is which.


  1. With a face like his, there can never be too much party!! Way to go, Ezra! Happy third month birthday. Hope the fourth is even more exciting! loveyoumeanit

  2. Roni Briese says:

    the hat looks better on Ezra than it ever did on you! 🙂

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