Laughter = +8

Changing diapers has become a fun time to spend with Ezra: he really enjoys the direct interaction and returns it in full force. Now, it seems that the quickest diaper changes still take 10 minutes…just because they are fun. A couple of nights ago we were up there doing the business, and we were playing with him…kissing, tickling, etc….and he started to laugh/giggle. It was the first time that he has done it (and hasn’t really done it since then)…but we finally get it. We love to watch the TV show “Inside the Actors Studio.” At the end of the show, the host (James Lipton) asks all of the guests the same couple of questions (your favorite curse word, what other job you would like to try, etc) and one of those questions is “tell me you favorite sound.” I think that the most popular answer is “the laugh of my child.” Yea, we both would answer that question that way – no matter how cheesy. It’s life affirming.

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