VH1 Presents: Behind The Announcement

It seems as though the announcements have reached their destination coast-to-coast, so it’s time to post it here for all of you who we would love to share it with, but don’t have addresses. 

The quick story: the photos were taken on Dave and Mary Jo’s couch while we were back in Wisconsin for Ezra’s baptism and Bestemore’s birthday. A little of finishing done in Photoshop and they were ready for their big debut. We searched the web for announcements that we liked and chose a couple of designs and colors, eventually settling on a combination of a few of those. I created it in Photoshop using a 4×6 format so we could print it off at a local photo printing shop and so that it would fit into a normal envelope. We are pretty happy with the result…one more thing: the toughest part of the design wasn’t the pictures, or the colors, or the layout…it was the font choice. I went through a bunch of options not being satisfied with any of them – but then I remembered a movie and a design story…so the font on the announcement is Helvetica. 

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