Swimming, Take 2

Yesterday morning the three of us headed to the pool for a second attempt at the pool. This time we were able to go to the recreation center (so we were indoors and not fighting with the sun) and we timed it a little better around his naps in order to give him the best shot at a positive outcome. It worked. We hung out in the shallow end of the zero-entrance pool where it was 1 foot deep and after a minute or two of him figuring out what the water was, he started to enjoy himself: standing in the water, sitting in the water, watching other kids, bouncing, etc. We stayed for almost 30 minutes (including the mandatory under-18 timeout of 10 minutes) and to the best of our understanding, he enjoyed all of it. 

Last evening we started the interview process for a day care placement. We are looking for in-home day care, and have had a little tougher time finding options than we anticipated. The place that we visited with yesterday came recommended from a few of Ahna’s co-workers at school. It’s located up in Parker and really close to school which has some positives and negatives….but since we are aiming to only put Ezra in day care on the days that both of us work, it is mostly positive in relation to location. We were pretty satisfied with the visit and are comfortable if we chose to go with her; but we are going to continue to look around so we have a good idea of what is out there (including a commercial center for the reference). 

Oh, remember that post about Ezra starting to sleep through the night? Remember how I referenced the hesitation in broadcasting the news around for fear of jinxing the trend? Well, apparently that is exactly what happened. The last week or so Ezra has been hitting that 3am wake-up again…and we can’t figure out why. He has started ‘marching’ in the night – which equates to him bucking with both legs and smacking the co-sleeper. It wakes us up, and soon after wakes him up….I suppose that the answer lies somewhere between growing, exploring his body, and gas. Keep you fingers crossed that it doesn’t last too long….

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