The 4 Month Stats

The doctor’s visit went extremely well….Dr. Sheehan is awesome. Everything looked great as far as his development, health, and activity. The Dr. answered a slew of questions that we had (does everyone have this, or is it just us?) and we had a very comforting conversation about Ezra and what we were doing. Immediately following the well-baby check, Ezra got two vaccinations this month (we are doing Dr. Sears’ recommended alternative vaccination schedule)….the rotavirus and the Dtap. This is the second in the series of these vaccinations for Ezra and he responded very well to them both times. The rotavirus vaccination comes as a liquid, so that one is simple and painless. The Dtap is a shot in the thigh, and as soon as the nurse gave the shot, Ezra gave the ‘what the….?’ look, then proceeded to smile. Seriously – he smiled. The nurse was so shocked that he smiled – and even said that she had never seen that before – that she said that she was going to tell everyone else in the office. Now, I’m sure that plenty of other kids do the same thing…but make no mistake, it makes for some proud parents. 

Also, I can’t remember if I wrote this in an earlier post or not, but on his 4-month birthday, Ezra decided to roll over for the first time from his back to his stomach! He has done it one other time since, and has come close a ton more times. Things are about to change again. Here’s the goods:

Head: 16.5″, 50th percentile

Weight: 16 pounds 2 ounces, 75th percentile

Height: 25.5″, 75th percentile


  1. Hooray for the roll-y boy! That means no more baby papasan, huh? So you’re proud your son likes needles at such a young age? Where do you think he’ll get his first tattoo? And at how old? And of what? Any bets yet? I’m sincerely glad he wasn’t kicking and screaming. loveyoumeanit…

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