Birthday Fun…

Yesterday I got a little closer to being 32 and 3 days old….according to my best compilation of star charts, moon calendars, desert sand grains, and Incan clocks; I should reach that mark tomorrow. 

I headed home right after getting off of work and arrived to find a decorated house and an Ahna and an Ezra that were excited to start the celebration with me. Not long thereafter, we opened some cards and gifts…I say we because Ezra had a halloween gift to open (from Grandparents Bersagel; it was a book, and he loved reading it) and he then assisted me in opening my gifts. It was a ton of fun to see him reach out and grab the paper and pull it away from the gift…I know that all he wanted to do was eat it, but we can pretend that he was trying to get inside to see what the surprise was. 

Following the gift opening, we headed down to my parent’s neighborhood to go for a walk (we go down there every once in a while just to get a different place to look at), or so I thought. Ahna and my Mom had arranged for her to hang out with Ezra for a while so Ahna could take me out to lunch. It was a wonderful surprise by someone who historically isn’t that great at surprises (spills the beans too easily). It also was only the second time since Ezra was born that we spent time as the two of us – and the first time was so stressed because he was 1 week old that it only lasted about 45 minutes. This time was completely different and it was great to reconnect with her on that level. 

One of my requests for the day was to go swimming with Ezra and we managed to pull it off using the hot tub at my parent’s house. He really enjoyed swimming again, this time having fun floating in the water in a standing position, on his belly, and on his back. For the first time, I dunked Ezra’s head under the water…I was the creation of the reaction – by pulling him back up at a slight angle, it allowed some water to get in his nose…thus creating a moment of panic by Ezra. He was over it in just a minute or two, and I promised him that I would do it right next time.

We went to evening services for Yom Kippur, so we went out to dinner with my parents beforehand. Ahna arranged for us to go to The Old Blinking light in Highlands Ranch…a restaurant that we both really enjoy, and a place that isn’t too far from where services were being held. 

Overall, I could not have asked for a better or more fulfilling day. Oh, the gift that I got this year? Everyone chipped in to get me a season ski pass for Arapahoe Basin. I should be able to order it tomorrow and keep your fingers crossed, use it in about two weeks.


  1. Happy Birthday, Oren! And Ezra is too cute. I love the picture in the pumpkin hat. Does he have a Halloween costume yet?

    We’re remembering the beautiful October weekend we spent with you guys in Colorado 3 years ago. Enjoy those gorgeous Aspens for us.

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