Sorry that we haven’t made a posting in a couple of days, but we have been singing and dancing in the streets. Okay, that’s not true, but we have been really busy.

On Friday morning, I had to take a ‘psych test’ for the department (I am testing for an Acting Lieutenant position…which you have to be before you can test for Lieutenant). It’s called a ‘psych test,’ but it’s pretty much an attempt to melt your mind. 800 questions (10 of which were oddly math/vocab), a 20 minute interview with a Dr., and 3 hours later I walked out of there feeling somewhere between a terrible person and a confused soul. It’s weird that they never really ask you any questions about what good you have done in your life…just things like: “have you ever felt like hitting someone?” Yes. “have you gotten pains around your body for no reason?” Yes. “tell me about any written reprimands you have received at work.” Where do I begin? “do you feel angry when someone cuts in front of you in line?” Who doesn’t? On and on it went…I am supposed to get results from the test through the department sometime next week, so keep your fingers crossed.

On a brighter note, Friday night brought the family dinner to our house in celebration of my birthday. Ahna spent a large portion of the day on Thursday and Friday preparing food….two cakes, salad, green beans, and a favorite of mine – Moosewood Pot Pie. It was a lot of fun to have that release after the morning, and it was a lot of fun to be able to spend some non-pressed time with the folks that came down.

By the way – I ordered my season ski pass to Arapahoe Basin on Friday. And it snowed in the mountains all weekend long. Right now it appears like they are going to open this week, which is unfortunate for me since I will be out of town…and would miss opening day for the first time in 7 years. Oh well.

I worked on Saturday…and normally I don’t share much about work…but this time I will share one thing. If your job requires that you have any certification of any type: make sure that it stays current. No, nothing happened to me (that’s another story from a previous time), but something did happen to another guy at work. Do yourself the favor and don’t run into that problem.

Yesterday we headed down to my folk’s house for some breakfast and conversation. It’s been cloudy and cold here all weekend, so the afternoon consisted of us watching some football and chillin’ on the couch. We had a nice time just lounging around for the day and spending time with each other. 

Here are some pics of the latest festivities:

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