UFO Sighting

So the interviews with potential day care providers continues….right now it looks like we have two really good options, and a third one that we could go with if the others fall through for some reason. We are anticipating making a preliminary decision today or tomorrow.

We stopped yesterday and picked up Ezra a little gift…rather, a larger sized gift (still not sure where we are going to keep it). It’s one of those excer-saucers where he can stand and play with things that surround him. After an assembly process that made me wonder what they are actually doing at the factory, Ezra took to the new ‘toy’ rather well….by trying to stuff nearly everything in his mouth. He certainly enjoyed standing up and being on his own even though he really couldn’t get nearly all that he wanted into his mouth.

It was a little of an odd feeling: we have been letting him lay on the floor and move around, and have been letting him lay in his gym and play around, but this was a little different for some reason. It seemed as though as soon as he was in there, he was on his own…meaning, he didn’t need us too much. That was a mixed bag of emotions for me, and was rather unexpected. There was a moment or two that I wondering if it was a good thing that we got this for him (I know, everything is like that from now on), but I decided to grow up a little and be a little less selfish…..and was promptly rewarded with a huge smile from Ezra as soon as he found us outside of the saucer. After a little irrational reaction, all is well again.


  1. My goodness – what a fun toy! I want one!

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