Off To The Land Of Sweat

Special Florida Edition

You read that right, we are now in Florida. Land of the chad (okay that’s technically five hours drive south from here, but it’s about the most stereotypical thing I could come up with during election season). Ski season started yesterday in Colorado, and we travelled to the humidity-ridden, hot, sticky, election deciding state of Florida. The trip went fairly well….meaning that Ezra did great, but Ahna and I could have done without the 10 hours of travel including a layover in Atlanta. 

See, we started with a 7am flight – which means a 3:30am wake-up call. The flight was very full, but otherwise okay. We arrived into Atlanta at about noon local time and had about 2 hours to kill before we caught the next flight to Jacksonville. A little lunch was nice and refueling, but sleep is awful hard to come by while at an airport. We boarded the plan for the one hour flight, and promptly sat on the runway for 45 minutes…yea, flying through the busiest airport isn’t always the smartest move…but when using airline miles, sometimes you don’t have much of a choice. 

When we checked into our rental car minivan at the airport, they told us we had a new car. Good, we are at a car rental place….we sure shouldn’t be getting an old car. However, I didn’t know how ‘new’ until we started driving….there were 7 miles on the car. Talk about trying out everything for the first time. We got a Chrysler Town and Country, which is a nice car. Yup, neither of us have any problem with the idea of a minivan – seriously, there is space, function, room, and the ability to relax comfortably. Should there be another kid in the future, there might also be a minivan. Hey, settle down….nothing in the plan/works yet. 

My grandparents got Ezra a pack-n-play to sleep in and a chair to sit at the dinner table. It’s really cool that they did this on their own…they’re great. We got to the house just in time for supper, and Grandma didn’t disappoint: sloppy-joe. My favorite. I have tried numerous times to duplicate her recipe, all to no avail. So, I have to come to Florida to get some. After dinner and some playtime, we watched the Presidential debate (which started at 9pm EST…that’s really late compared to the earlier starts in Denver). It was fun to watch it with my Grandparents…we love to talk politics. 

The pictures include a few of Ezra sitting in a chair at the table for the first time. He seemed to love it, so there might be one in our near future when we return home. 

PS – a special note to the Smith’s and Bersagel-Braley’s: our grandparent’s homes all seem to be on the same temperature controls. Wow.

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