Ezra And The Gators

Special Florida Edition

Yesterday we headed down to visit with my cousin Amanda at the University of Florida. When we were looking at the map with my grandparents on how to get down there, they warned us of a little town called Waldo (yup, now I know where Waldo is…roughly 1 hour southwest of Jacksonville, Florida…no need for anymore books asking the question) and the speed traps that they set up along the road there. There was even a story that someone had put up a billboard as you approach town that warned of the speed trap to be (confirmed…the billboard exists, just as advertised). Funny thing is that we never saw a police officer of any kind in Waldo, but we saw lots of others on the drive to and from Gainesville. I came to the conclusion that everyone in the state of Florida is a perfect, law abiding citizen in every regard of their lives except for obeying the speed limit…because there is no way that there were any cops left to do regular police work after the number that we saw on the roads today. 

We met up with Amanda at a fun restaurant/bar aptly named The Swamp. It sits on University Blvd right across the street from campus, so we were able to enjoy the people watching, the rather lovely afternoon in the shade, and some really tasty food. It was really nice to hang out with her in her element. Every time that we have seen her in the past 5 years it has been with family around, so it was good to have an adult-to-adult conversation with my cousin for the first time. PS – Go Gators.

Last night we took my grandparents out to dinner at a great little seafood shack near the Navy base. It’s a dumpy little joint that happens to serve delicious food for a great price – highly recommended (I can pass on the directions to the place if you ever want, but I have already forgotten the name). 

By the way, will someone please make Joe the Plumber and all references to him go away?

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