Remember, Remember, The 5th Of November…

Ah, the annual celebration of Guy Fawkes Night……you know it’s big in South Africa too. 

And, it’s the first day that our country wakes up to the endless possibility of the election. 

Oh wait, I was just reminded that it is also Ezra’s 5-month birthday! 

He has been enjoying spending time in his excer-saucer and on the floor. He is rolling in all directions, and is starting to put together rolling and reaching…which might turn into moving with a purpose. He has sort of made that connection when he sees the cat; by which he is completely fascinated. It barley matters what we are doing, if he catches a glimpse of Shadow out of the corner of his eye, he is overcome with desire to do nothing but stare and attempt to pet (which is going so-so, he is mostly gentle with her, but every once in a while he will grab and she will get pissed. She hasn’t given him any scratches yet, but that is a matter of time. Still, she sits with him wherever he is, and comes running whenever he cries.). 

Ahna starts back to school on Monday, and has been spending some time there this week getting to know the class a little better. Ezra spent Tuesday morning in daycare for the first time and did great. It was a little tough (as expected) dropping him off, but I was able to come and get him at noon and take him to visit Ahna at school for a little while. I had the day off, but we did it as a trial run with Peggy and for Ahna’s morning routine. It appears that it will work fine, but we are thankful that for the first couple of days that Ahna is back, I have off….so that might lessen the immediate stress. 

Okay, here is the month-by-month picture…I was unable to post one in October because of the computer problems, but election day brought new promise and hope to my laptop with the delivery of the new CS4 program bundle. It was almost as exciting as the election itself. Okay, maybe not. 



  1. Woohoo! I like the new bar across the top. And speaking of love- not landfill; guess who is in the pilot area of Denver’s city compost pick-up?!?! Me!! So now I can compost a whole lot – leftovers, soiled papers, plant trimmings, and everything else!! Exciting, I know.

    G’luck, Miss Ahna, with school tomorrow!!

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