Back To School (Not A Movie Review)

I suppose that you could tell by the lack of postings in the last two days that the new schedule has started….where I am with Ezra during the daytime (when I’m not working), and Ahna is back to work. 

Yesterday was the first day, and it went well….almost too well. We figured a feeding schedule where Ahna nurses Ezra at 630 before she leaves the house, then I use a bottle in mid-morning, then we go and visit Ahna during her lunch at 1230, then we are able to wait until Ahna gets home in the afternoon for the later feeding. This allows us to use only one bottle per day, and eases the stress of pumping somewhat. It will be a little different when Ezra goes to daycare, but this works really well right now. 

All day on Monday, Ezra napped for me perfectly. When he started to get tired, he would be receptive to my efforts to help him fall asleep, and he would go down for a good, long rest. Ahna was able to go to school without too much problem, and get right back in the swing of things. There was some concern about how she and the class would do switching teachers at this point in the school year, but by all accounts everything went better than expected. Ezra and I are so proud of how she has made the transition back to the classroom….we know that the fourth grade at Cherokee Trail is better off for it.

Fast forward to this morning….let’s arbitrarily say at 4:15 this morning. Okay, perhaps that’s not so arbitrary, but it is roughly the time that I should have known that the second day of this adventure was going to be different. Ezra decided that today would be a good day to see how long he can will himself to be awake….or rather fight every effort to help him fall asleep. For both naps today, he fought like two hockey players with a lifetime grudge. But, we have a secret weapon on our side…and it worked both times…..the car. Yup, some properly timed errands assisted Ezra in his naps. 

Tomorrow, we hope for better as he ventures to daycare for the entire day. He spent four hours with Peggy before, but this will be his first time there for the whole day. I trust that everything will go smoothly. 

For now, it’s to the TV for me. Seems like it has become my favorite (I know, insert anti-TV conviction here) mindless pastime once he has gone to bed. I just don’t have the desire to muster the mind-frame to read, or for that matter, do anything productive. 

ps – It took 4 hours to write this post…..not because it took much thought (see above paragraph), but Ezra seemed to want a lot of attention. Thus is life.


  1. Hooray for a new post! And hooray for the first day being great. I would love to come down over the weekend and help out if I can, or just visit. I will be praying for you and the looming Day Three. tori

  2. Life is Good! And, we are all blessed.

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