The End Of The Week, And Some Snow

So week one is completed. Ahna did an amazing job adjusting back to school and the new schedule, and Ezra did equally as well being passed around between several different people. 

I have been in class at work (more on that later), so life has been very busy. The daycare that we chose to use doesn’t offer Friday availability….which we knew would be a problem, but we have some ideas on how to handle. Yesterday was the first Friday that we have run into where both Ahna and I were supposed to work; compound that with the fact that I have class pretty much every shift day from 9-4, and it makes for finding other solutions than just me taking the time off. The answer this Friday? My Dad got to watch him….along with a little help from me during lunchtime. 

Dad (Saba to Ezra) came over at 730 in the morning to get the repot on how things should go for the day, and to ease into it all before my class at 9. I actually called out sick for the day-side, but the hours that I was in class didn’t count towards those sick hours. It snowed all morning long, with about 3-4 inches accumulating on everything….since it was effectively the first snow of the season (we did get a dusting once or twice), the drivers on the roads acted has if they had never seen it before….actually, I take away the qualifier “since it was the first snow” because the drivers always act as though they have never seen it before. For example, it took Ahna nearly an hour to get to school on a commute that normally takes around 20-25 minutes. 

I came home for lunch, well really to take Ezra up to nurse with Ahna (the snow had mostly melted already)…it was nice that my lunch break lasted long enough to accomplish that, but that took the entire break. I literally got back to the classroom with two minutes to spare. On the way back from lunch, Ezra fell asleep in the car and since he didn’t nap well in the morning, I had an idea….I called Dad and asked if he would be willing to meet me in his car and we could transfer Ezra straight into his car for more driving – Ezra surely would have woken up if he was taken inside. Dad agreed, and they ended up driving all over Castle Rock for the next 2 hours. Clearly Ezra napped well in the car. 

We took Dad out to dinner to thank him for watching Ezra (no, that isn’t going to happen every time, so anyone that wants to hang out with Ezra for the day…don’t get any ideas), it’s just that we needed some food as well.

Overall, the week went great. There were some hiccups here and there, but nothing that looks like it will be difficult to overcome. Here’s to another week like this one….

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