Wait A Minute, What Did You Say?

The learning curve on kids that we are so often proud about apparently also has down sides (who knew?). During dinner the other night, Ezra threw out his newest word: no. Granted, he hasn’t said it in context or with any emphasis, but once he said it, it came out like 20 times over the course of the evening. He would be playing downstairs, then: no. He would be bouncing around, then: no. It’s funny, scary, and worrying all at the same time. Ahna and I talked about trying hard not to use that word much, but what else do you say when you need a child to immediately stop doing something? Any suggestions?


  1. Anonymous says:

    Redirect, redirect, redirect!

  2. Redirect, redirect, redirect!

  3. Andrew Wessman says:

    It gets worse. We started hearing “no” when telling Aidan what to do, so we asked him, “why not?”, and got back “want to”.
    Fun stuff.

  4. Wow! It has been fun catching up on the blog. Uh-oh, sounds like you have a predicament on your hands. I think you could up with something like “wait a minute” with a funny accent…that would be harder for him to say, right? “/ loveyoumeanit…

  5. Rebecca Coyle says:

    We also tried not to say “no” too often. We even went so far as saying “Danger” when it involved something super bad like cords, plugs, ovens, etc. I guess it worked because at a museum one day while on a tour, Brady yelled “DANGER” at the top of his lungs when the tour guide happened to step right in front of a plug outlet. Hmmmmmm…keep us posted!

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