Movie Review: Away We Go

Ahna and I took the opportunity to put Ezra in daycare (also to keep him reminded of what it is like so he doesn’t freak out when he has to start going again) and have the day to ourselves. We dropped him off after his morning nap, then went to a DTC establishment named The Pancake House – which was amazing – for a brunch before heading to the movie.

The film was nearly perfect…a great story that we haven’t seen before, great writing, and great directing. Oh, and a soundtrack so good that we went and found it after the movie was over – yes, in CD format. It’s a story of two people about to have their first child attempting to find themselves. They travel through friends-past in a search for a place to move to and settle in; and each of those friends represent some sort of societal stereotype of family – and they do it hilariously. It’s a sort-of whimsical tale of that journey to find a place to live, but also the whimsical tale of them finding out what type of parents they would like to become. The movie moves from funny to serious as it progresses, but it’s a fitting and appropriate slide. And it ends on a happy note…

Full disclosure: we did miss about 3-5 minutes of the movie (which could have held the entire crux of the film, but probably not) due to a fire alarm. We had to evacuate the theatre and wait outside for the fire department to come and reset the alarm. We did end up getting back inside without too much of a wait, and ended up with a free ticket to a future movie of our choice.



  1. So partly based on your recommendation and partly because I love John Krasinski…this was our date night movie last night. I loved it. It was a really nice way to spend an evening out. Thanks for blogging about it – I think I would have missed it since we don’t see ads or anything for movies over here. And I totally agree on the Soundtrack. I’ve already downloaded on ITunes! Thanks again!

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