Ezra Supports 80’s Movies

This photo was taken to send to Jennifer – who got Ezra this t-shirt for his birthday – and I thought that it was too fun not to share with everyone else. We went out to dinner tonight with my parents, and Ezra and his Saba spent a long time walking up and down the sidewalk after we finished the food enjoying the perfect Colorado evening.

Three days ago, Ezra decided to remember how he walked in Israel and has once again taken off. This time it’s been more and more, and thus far nothing has stopped him. He takes off on the sidewalk, on the grass, down the hallway, over to look outside, in shoes, and without shoes. He took his first real digger this evening on the sidewalk in front of our place: small bruise on his nose, a bump and scrap on his forehead. It’s hard to see in the picture because it’s the side that is in the shade. It’s been really surreal to watch him develop this skill, and to perfect it right before our eyes. 4 days ago he wasn’t walking at all. Now, he will walk from his room down the hall to our room looking for whomever is calling his name. It’s crazy.


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