Ezra has been learning words on an hourly basis recently, which is probably mostly normal for someone his age, but it’s been his ability to piece them together in longer and longer almost-sentences and thoughts that has taken us for an amazing ride this past week. Seeing your child every single day lends itself to not seeing dramatic changes, but it feels as though we have been privy to a blatant transformation in his thinking and vocabulary right in front of our eyes.

Things like: “no hitting” “where’s the giraffe?” “love you” “bye-bye Mommy in car” “color train please” “oh no, train fell on floor”

It’s wonderful and fun to witness. As new sayings creep up, we’ll make sure that you know too.


  1. I really liked, “Whoa…careful” when we were down on Monday, and Ezra dropped his fire truck. It’s great to see him growing up!

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