Our Little Responsible Man

Quick story, but first the set up. We started doing a timeout system where Ezra sits on the bottom step for things like hitting, biting, etc. I think that we discussed this here before, but he generally sits down on the step and waits without complaint just dangling his feet for the alloted time. When done, either Ahna or I will go and sit down next to him to discuss what was done wrong, then he is supposed to say ‘sorry’ (although sometimes he gives us a kiss instead and we accept that). Two weeks ago, I was walking to him at the end of the time, and he looked at me and patted the carpet next to him in a ‘sit here Daddy and let’s discuss’ sort of way….

Now to this evening’s story: he hit me twice out of frustration and I immediately – and for some unknown reason – told him to go to timeout (this was the first time that either Ahna or I have instructed him to do it instead of carrying him over)…and he instantly turned away, and in his best sulking walk went to the bottom step and sat down! It was super cute, and both Ahna and I had to contain our amazement and laughter as he took full responsibility for what he did. Such a grown up sometimes.


  1. My website has moved I believe

  2. Okay sorry about that…how do I delete my last worthless comment? Anyway Kudos to you guys and what a cute story! I think I know why you liked my status the other day where Ian actually told me he wanted to be in trouble. He sometimes bumps into me accidentally and he looks at me all scared and says “Sorry Mommy” — that’s right scared my job is done! 🙂 LOL

  3. Seriously, I wish my kids had taken to time out that well. I am so glad he is learning. Stay strong and don’t back down.

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