Section 60, Because You Have To

Section 60 is the area in the Arlington National Cemetery where the soldiers that have died in/in support of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are buried (along with some previously buried there during the Vietnam War). I took a minute to stop by there and walk around, and while doing so captured these photos. While there (45 minutes total), we saw 4 different funerals happening. It struck me at how the reality of these wars has seemed to disappear into the later stages of the evening news or the back pages of the newspaper. When you take a minute and walk around a place like this, it leaps right out and grabs you with a violent thump. Sharing these are my little part in reminding us all about what is happening and what we need to be thankful for. Yet another view of what war actually looks like.

*as with all photos on this blog, if you keep clicking on the photo until it is the only thing in your browser, it is the best viewing quality


  1. Nice piece buddy. Well put!

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