Eggs, Eggs, And More Eggs

How do you spell bedlam? N-E-I-G-H-B-O-R-H-O-O-D E-G-G-H-U-N-T. I know it’s a lot of letters to sound out, but I am confident that if you read it again, you can figure out that it says ‘neighborhood egghunt’. It’s a really windy day today, and that made for a little extra craziness on top of the several hundred kids and associated parents standing on the edge of a field filled with candy. After the official ‘go’ was announced, the intent was to go out and start finding some eggs with Ezra for his basket. It turns out that Ezra had a different plan: a full-speed sprint through the crowds and across the field. Only after much chasing and people dodging, were we able to convince Ezra to pick up a few eggs and place them in the basket. Following the chase hunt we ran from the crowds and towards home and luckily for Ahna and I, Ezra doesn’t eat candy…

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