FAQs: A Final Update

All the hot showers we want.
No more cafeteria food.
Haven’t rode an elevator since we left.
It’s quiet at the house.
No long drives splitting our lives between two children.
A king sized bed and three pillows each.

Yet, give us the option and we would take all the cold showers and live on a twin mattress again in a second.


  1. Praying for you today, but you know that! Lots of love to you three until I can give you all a big squeeze in person! xoxoxot

  2. Fran Noffke says:

    As members of Our Saviors Lutheran Church, we have been following your blog. There are no words that can express our sorrow for all that you and your family have been through. Oren, we have never met, but I can tell by your blog that you are a loving and insightful man. Reading some of the things Ahna’s student’s have to say about her and knowing her parents, it’s easy to recognize that she is a wonderful teacher in additon to being a wonderful mother and wife. In this respect you are both blessed, as I’m sure you are well aware. I passed this quote on to Pastor Dave and Mary Jo as it seemed so appropriate to their retirement. It also seems appropriate for you in your loss. “Memory is a form of immortality. The people you remember continue to be a part of your daily thoughts, and their influence is with you always.” Know that many thoughts and prayers are with you from us and many members of Our Saviors. Hugs from Wisconsin to you and your family. Fran and Steve Noffke

  3. Love to you all.

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