Reconnecting Santa Fe Style

Outside of the hospital walls, the largest struggle that we had as a consequence of our stay was our relationship with Ezra. That’s not to say that it suffered, it was just significantly changed for a few months where we became the visitors; and his grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins became his immediate family.

Now, this must all be underscored with the fact that Ezra is amazing and extraordinarily resilient. Ahna and I had a lot of reservations about how things were going to go with the both of us at the hospital 24/7, and for the most part they have all been proved unnecessary. Since our return home, there really hasn’t been any outward signs that he is having a difficult time adapting back to being with us (he did struggle pretty hard for the first week of sleeping nights – up five or six times each night for extended stretches – but that was due to a sinus infection that has hopefully met it’s foe in some antibiotics). We know that he is at a perfect age (if there is one) to cope with the massive changes that he has been faced with, but we also know that things could have gone a completely different way had we either had a different family support group or had Ezra had a less amicable personality.

That all said, we agreed that we needed a little family reset time. As impossibly hard as it turned out to be to leave town, we ended up picking a visit to a place that we haven’t visited together (Ahna 11 years ago, Oren never) – which turns out to be a hard thing to find in a six hour drive radius. As we drove across the state line yesterday – under perfectly clear skies and empty roads – we also realized that while Ezra has gone to many states and several countries, all of them had been by plane: it was his first time crossing a state line in a car. The drive was simple and fast, the weather is perfect, the city is waiting to be explored today, and the time is precious.

a downtown church, just after dinner


  1. Yeah! Welcome to my state! I am glad the weather is beautiful for you, and we both hope that you are “enchanted”. Don’t get lost and have lots of fun!

  2. Sandra Hernandez says:

    You will love it. Enjoy your time there. And, if you get a chance, visit the church with the spiral staircase.

  3. katy gibbs says:

    Wonderful. I hope it is an excellent retreat for you. The desert can have a healing power. Enjoy!

  4. You guys continue to amaze me with your courage and the way you continually adapt to this new and ongoing hardship. I know your grief didn’t stay behind in Colorado, but I hope this trip allows you the reconnection you seek and brings some moments of peace and happiness.

  5. Gina Razidlo says:

    Oh, what a wonderful idea! Enjoy your time together.

  6. kim scott says:

    Have a wonderful time.

  7. Welcome to my hood. Enjoy the style and the flavors!!!!!!!!!
    Next time go during the balloon fiesta and Ezra will get lost looking up.
    Take care

  8. Barb & Terry Fuller says:

    If time and weather allow go back through Taos. It is one of our favorite places in the world. It is a mix of the very old Spanish culture and the modern southwest. Glad you had a chance to get away as a family. It will be good for all of you

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