The Wristbands

Well, we finally took them off. The wristbands were removed more out of want for preservation than any other reason, as they are seriously degrading with normal day-to-day activities (like going to the swimming pool). We know that they won’t last forever – even off – but we wanted a shot at them sticking around a little longer than just a few more weeks.

As we have mentioned previously on the blog, these wristbands turned out to be more than just wristbands to us: they were the last remaining physical link to the hospital, and therefore to Liam. And because of that, it was a big deal to us to remove them. Keeping them on, was like keeping Liam with us all the time…and they allowed us to take something material memorializing Liam to lots of different places including skiing, concerts, the firehouse, school, New Mexico, and home.

We are looking for a replacement to them, another wristband/bracelet that we can wear and keep with us. A new, more permanent way of keeping Liam close. Any ideas?



  1. I don’t know if you’d want to do this, but what about cutting the wristbands into smaller pieces and then sort of encasing them in enamel or something and wearing them as a necklace/dog tag type thing? That way you could still keep that actual physical reminder of your time with Liam with you. Something like this:

    or this:

  2. take that picture and get a b & W tattoo of it….thats an amazing shot

  3. Get a tattoo wristband!

  4. the site Sarah posted is, well, peaceful! Love the creativity in the pieces. so many ideas, but those colorful vinyl bracelets celebrating “causes” first came to mind, then the thought of a simple bracelet. symbolizes that link, but in a more permanent way. just my thoughts…. think of you both so often…. and just wonder…. jan

  5. I have heard of services where they will take ashes/something of sentimental value, and turn them in to stones?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Can make rubber wristbands online for cheep

  7. Kim Topkoff says:
    They make medical alert bracelets, but also jewelry. They have tons of different types.

  8. Hi there,

    I found you through your friend Nancy in CT. I am so sorry for your loss. I am sorry you can’t wear your bracelets forever. There is nothing harder than the loss of a child, and there are just no words.

    If you would like another bracelet, I have white reminder bands that say “in my heart” on them that I will gladly send to you. They are free, just let me know how many you want and where they should be sent.

    With my very best thoughts for you all,
    corinne -at-

  9. katy gibbs says:

    tattoo is my vote, on the wrist or elsewhere. (perhaps with an outline/form of a deer.)
    also, i still have my & my mother’s hospital bands from when i was born (baby girl Bill Mitchell-really, couldn’t have even put my mom’s name on there? guess not in ’77) and have david’s, which is in the scrapbook.

  10. you can make the conventional keepsake box.

    or perhaps they can be preserved in some sort of pottery item? i’m not too familiar but a friend preserved her mother’s ashes and the wristband and incorporated them in a pottery vase. don’t know how, but i’ll ask.

  11. Maybe you could have them bronzed or dipped into some sort of metal and formed into cuff bracelets.

  12. I too had a hard time removing my wristband from the NICU..I know exactly what you mean by it being a physical link to your son. I found your blog because you left a comment on my sister-in-laws blog on a post that she put up that my husband wrote..I’m Brice’s mommy. I read your whole story and felt like I was reliving our week with Brice..everything was pretty much the same except the length of time our sons were with us. I would love to keep in contact with your wife and you. I’ve been searching all over the place for someone that had the same story as us and I was so frustrated that I couldn’t find made me feel so alone. If you guys have facebook feel free to look me up, Trisha Parsons. And I am so sorry for the loss of Liam, he was absolutely beautiful.


  1. […] new wristbands. We have previously written about the wristbands and what they meant to us here and here, and then about the interim ones […]

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