Easter Egg Hunt – Helicopter Style

We went to one of the two annual open-to-the-community Easter egg mad dashes hunts this morning. This one is sponsored by a local community church and it’s claim to fame is that there is a helicopter that comes and drops eggs for the kids to go and get (last year the helicopter was cancelled due to weather). As Ezra is a year older this time around (last year he just took off running and didn’t bother to pick up any eggs until we prompted him) he was much more into it. We have to give him a ton of credit….once he got about 10 eggs in his basket, he calmly walked away and let others pick up their share of eggs – no Extreme Hoarding TV shows in his immediate future.

PS – there is also a playground at the park where the event took place…thus, pictures from there too.


  1. Jan Onieal says:

    have to love the bucket hat photo!! and the pure joy on his face. πŸ™‚ a precious boy for sure.

  2. Helicopter style – wow! That is too cool. Hope you guys have a good week! I am looking forward to dyeing eggs on Friday, but the bunny in our yard leaves something else hidden in the garden.

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