The Three Year Doctor Visit

ed note: family in town, Ezra’s birthday, Ahna’s birthday, our anniversary, Oren testing at work, end of the school year…all have lead to slower postings. There are stories about each, and we’ll get them to you as soon as feasible. Thanks for sticking with us!

Since we have moved on to the once-a-year doctor’s visits (sickness excluded), we don’t really get to report to frequently about Ezra’s health and stats – which I suppose is a good thing. This morning brought us the three year visit and a morning filled with Ezra having to be poked and prodded. He passed his first vision test with flying colors, looked very healthy, and responded well to the progress questionnaire that we had to fill out. He did end up with two shots today (we are following a version of the Dr. Sears schedule): his first MMR and a Chickenpox one; both in anticipation of his upcoming enrollment in pre-school. We also spoke with the Dr. about the fact that Ezra has been mostly nasally congested for the better part of the spring, and as a rule-out/potential identifier, we went for a blood screen for allergies. So, on top of two shots, Ezra had to donate some blood for research. He, of course, cried at each of the intrusions, but nearly immediately was back to his normal cheerful self. So now we wait for the results to see if we can’t figure out why the long-term congestion.

Here’s the stats: Height: 39.25″ (90%), Weight: 33.2 lbs (75%), Vision: great.



  1. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful collection of joyful memories of the first of your precious sons. Enjoy each smile, each tear from shots or from memories of Liam. Hold on to each joy and send it on with smiles and love to the waiting world that loves you all.

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