A Little Party For Ezra

I know it’s cliche….but sometimes it’s really hard to believe that Ezra is already three years old! The kid has continued to become an amazing individual, that lights up our days moment by moment. He is so smart, so funny, so playful, so interested, so fun, so strong, and so darn good looking.

We had a few folks over for a small gathering of some of his friends and some of our friends. I’m not sure of the social norm, but I think that this might have been the last year that the party guest list was dictated by us. It was a really fun morning, and it was really neat to see Ezra and the other kids all playing together and playing well together (this has become one of our great joys: watching Ezra play on his own with other kids).

The party was a slightly themed Cars (the movie) event, highlighted by an amazing cake that Ahna put together (with a little help from me). We spent the better part of four hours (ending at almost 130am) cutting, carving, and decorating the cake to look like Lightning McQueen…and if I do say so myself, it turned out pretty awesome.

Thank you to everyone for the cards, gifts, and thoughts. We passed them all along to Ezra (except the ones with money stayed with me).


  1. Yes, I can confirm that age four, they want their preschool friends at the party 🙂 Excited to see Ezra on the Strider! Micah got his for his three year old birthday and has LOVED it.

  2. Wow, a very impressive cake!! You have raised the bar for cake making!!

    Ezra, a beautiful boy, immersed in his special day! I agree, it is such a joy to watch them interact with their little friends, independent from us….. Enjoyed the photos~ thanks for sharing, as always…

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