Ezra The Artist

This is how ‘A Starry Night’ began, right? Ezra’s artistic side continues to impress and grow, and here are two examples of that talent. The one is a person and a car, and the other (with a P and a S) is his attempt at making me a name tag for the library’s story time. I know it’s not going to land him on The Today Show, but we’re really proud of the burgeoning skill set of the not-even-three-year-old (at the time).


  1. I have been enjoying your recent posts. I figured out the “ps” were likely symbolic of the “ez”. However, I think it could also mean that he wants to follow in your footsteps and come to the Philmont Scout Ranch – they have a p s bar brand that is quite similar to Ezra’s car. And you know I would take good care of him!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful work Ezra!

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