The Dr Appointment Update

Well, this has been interesting. Two days ago, we received the results of the allergy test, and it turns out that Ezra’s got a few minor things to keep an eye on: eggs, milk, wheat, walnuts, and peanuts. All of the possible allergies came back very minor to minor, and we weren’t told to completely avoid any of those….just to perhaps do them in smaller amounts than before. We have started to attempt some small dietary changes (rice milk was completely unsuccessful) and will see where those take us. The Doctor thinks that he might grow out of them as he gets older, but just in case something happens before then, she gave us an epi-pen to have for “when you go someplace like camping and are a long way from anyone else.”

The next unexpected post-doctor event has been the development of what we think are a few pox. He got the chickenpox vaccine last week, and apparently getting a small outbreak is uncommon but not rare. We aren’t convinced that they are in fact pox, but we also don’t have a reasonable other explanation for the red lesion-type things that have shown up on his inner right knee. We spoke with the nurse this morning over the phone, and she wasn’t too worried about them – especially since he isn’t bothered by them and doesn’t have any other symptoms. In fact, she even said that he would be fine around other kids and they wouldn’t get anything from him. Even though, we are going to keep his exposure to other kids limited for the time being until we can either figure them out for sure or they go away. Anyone else have any experience with this happening?


  1. yup … Kate got about 5 pox right around the injection site of her 1-yr chicken pox vaccine … no other symptoms and never a reaction to the subsequent ones … now I just report it when asked about reactions, but no one does anything differently (that I can tell) … hope Ezra’s fade fast!!

  2. Andrea Davis says:

    That is so funny. Mackenzie got the Chicken Pox vaccine and then had a few spots develop on her bum that I thought were pox and others thought were diaper rash. I don’t think that it is “uncommon” to get the bumps because no one seems too concerned with them when they appear.
    She was still around people after she got the bumps and all was fine. Good Luck.

  3. Kjerstin says:

    Welcome to the world of epipens. Interesting that she gave you one with such minor results. I guess it is good to be prepared. Neither of my boys had outbreaks after their shots, so I can’t help you there.

  4. our boys all favored the vanilla rice milk but got luck

  5. Beth in Michigan says:

    It is completely normal for anyone getting a chicken pox vaccine (varivax) to have a few pox marks around the vaccine site. It actually means he is having a robust immune response to it. Not all kids will have this.
    In theory, if the pox open and leak fluid, and then another person, with no chicken pox hisotry or prior vaccination, touched the leaking fluid and then rubbed their eyes or put their hands in their mouth, they could then develop chicken pox. I’ve just always advised families to keep them covered with clothes until they disappear in 5-14 days. 🙂

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